Air Control System, the on-line analyzer, which alerts the operator when excessive amounts of CO, CO2, and OXYGEN and HUMIDITY.

The analyzer is designed to be installed in the line of breathable air, before the air enters the cylinder and is breathed. And ‘it interfaced directly with the electric compressor, which immediately stops the use, describing the error in course. This system ensures both the operator and the user of the cylinder of the quality air. Also alerts the operator, when the cartridge is saturated and is therefore to be replaced. Safety, first of all!

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Continuous flow electronic breathing air analyzer. The analyzer called NACS – Nardi Air Control System, is powered directly from the compressor control panel, and communicates the data with the latter in real time. The analyzer is equipped with electronic and electrochemical sensors, capable of analyzing the air and any presence of gas.

  • 01    Air humidity in ppm - parts per million
  • 02    Air temperature (to get a precise data on the humidity present)
  • 03    Oxygen in% - check for the presence of oxygen or lack of oxygen
  • 04    Carbon dioxide in ppm - monitors carbon dioxide and reports its presence above the maximum level permitted by law
  • 05    Carbon monoxide in ppm - monitors carbon monoxide and reports its presence above the maximum level permitted by law