Paintball and PCP compressors

On the battlefield, the quality of the equipment is crucial, and why expect less even if the combat is simulated? Paintball offers intense emotions that must not be ruined by an empty compressed air cylinder.

Nardi Compressori thus dedicates a line of compressors to the refilling of cylinders for compressed air weapons and paintball guns designed to be easy to transport and use, so as to enhance the paintball experience.

Our compressors allow fast recharging and in order not to break the identification, they exhibit casings and camouflage colors of clear military inspiration.

  1. Latest generation materials with long-life surface and thermal treatments
  2. Easy to transport and use, with a choice of: electric motor, petrol engine and diesel engine for use in any place and condition
  3. Fast and constant charging
  4. Over 5000 hours of operation with adequate maintenance